Recreation Master Plan for the Brazos River Corridor (Complete)
Fort Bend Green submitted a grant application to the National Park Service National Parks Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program for a Recreation Master Plan for the Brazos River Corridor in Fort Bend County Texas. Fort Bend Green was notified in November 2011 that it was selected for technical assistance. 

A Steering Committee worked on components of a Brazos River Recreation Master Plan. The initial goals were to identify recreation and conservation opportunities for Fort Bend County, and help clarify projects and partners for those projects. Another goal is to help the various communities use the work done for this master plan to assist in funding any of the identified projects.  

The Brazos River is the largest waterway in the county and has been called a natural divide; it can also be a connection point for the county. The Brazos River is approximately 75 river miles traversing the entire county meandering from north to south and is the longest river in the State of Texas. 

The Brazos River Recreation Master Plan identified 16 projects with four recommended corridor initiatives. These projects are outlined in the master plan presented for download at the right.  

Gordon Ranch (Complete)
Fort Bend Green facilitated the negotiation and purchase of the Gordon Ranch for Fort Bend County in early 2014. The Gordon Ranch property is a beautiful 112-acre ranch located at 7714 FM 359, Richmond, Texas 77469. This process started in July 2012 and was closed on February 7, 2014. Funding for the property was provided by area foundations and a private donor. The property is available to the public for events and a portion of the property will be leased to the YMCA for their youth programs for area children.  

Brazos River Canoe Trail (In Progress)
The Lower Brazos Canoe Trail is a collaboration of Fort Bend and Brazoria Counties to develop a canoe trail on the Brazos as an integral part of 600+ Miles of multi-use trails and green space circling the Greater Houston Area.

The entire project will ultimately link the natural beauty of the region’s wilderness with a series of preserves, parks, waterways, nature centers and trails.

Apache Tree Foundation (Completed)
Fort Bend County has received 10,256 Live Oak Trees from the Apache Tree Foundation.

The cooperative effort between the county, Fort Bend Green and Apache is an example of how the private sector and public sector can work together to improve the environment.


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