Part of Fort Bend Green’s mission is to enhance and encourage green space and park development within the County. An important part of developing new greenspace is understanding what park facilities and natural areas are available to County residents today. Fort Bend Green recently worked with the County to inventory existing public greenspaces not currently captured within their GIS mapping system including open spaces (landscape reserves, park areas), natural features (lakes, rivers, drainage and detention areas) and utility corridors (levee, Centerpoint, etc.).

Fort Bend Green reached out to over 197 Special Districts within the County to ask their help in identifying these greenspaces within their areas. Over 44,000 acres of greenspace have now been captured, which was more than double the amount of space originally captured by the County! The awareness of these greenspaces will assist with future planning efforts. One of our goals for 2022 is to work with the County to develop a hike and bike master trail plan that can link up some of our public parks. If you know of a City or Special District interested in working with us to develop this trail linkage, please email us at